Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Okay, I'll do it. Hume was wrong.

I've been waiting for a few days for my fellow conservative bloggers to man up. It hasn't happened. I'm really not the most qualified for this fight but as the saying goes, "if it is to be, it must be me". I like Brit Hume and his work. He is smart, thoughtful and on balance a fair and respected journalist. I am a Christian and while at times I'll admit I've struggled with it in part or whole this is what I believe.

Brit Hume was wrong in his approach on Sunday in taking Christianity to Tiger on national TV. Okay? Dan Savage and Keith Olbermann are you happy?

Not because he isn't right. Of course, he is right but wrong place. wrong time. wrong reason. Clearly, Christianity offers grace and redemption that has been life saving for anyone who honestly accepts it. Sadly, I think he in part was giving the Fox base the red meat they like (I've seen the emails from the church community to prove it) and even if for a second we could assume his intentions were completely pure I'm one Christian (a bad one for sure) who will say the time and place was wrong. Plus, while calling out Buddism won't cause a holy war it only creates further distraction.

Why? Simple. The chance of effectiveness is as slim as Elmer Fudd finding the letter R. Is anyone expecting Tiger to finally show up from hiding to say he saw Brit's comments and has accepted the grace and forgiveness that only a relationship with Jesus Christ offers? Yea, right. You don't tell someone.......you show them. Show more. Tell less. More hands and feet and less mouth.

That is why he was wrong.

Bonus: Several (more) people know what the word proselytize means.

If you'd like to watch it.


Winston said...

Actually, you might have nailed it Jocoeveryman. I was prepared to disagree with you but you crafted it in a way that I really can't.

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think Brit was a little off on his approach of how Tiger should attain forgiveness. I know morals & religion intertwine. Buddhist or catholic or mormon- No matter what brand of religion you are, I'd like to think that if you ask for forgiveness from your Lord and/or Savior- you'll get it. It was a bit too "all knowing" on Brit's part to assume Buddhism does not offer a forgiveness plan. I think that Hume's son, Sandy, rumored as being a homosexual and an alchoholic who commited suicide is Brit's inner reason for the Christianity comments directed toward Tiger. Now that's just me and maybe I am reading too much into it.
PS--How's that for deep THINKING? I SELDOM go there!

JOCOeveryman said...

Holy Crap Jayne. Good to see you and thanks for the comments. We are getting WI type snow down here.....

Anonymous said...

HEY DUDE... I KNOW THE SNOW HAS REALLY DODGED US THIS YEAR...BUT GOOD FOR YOU. Get out the snow shoes and sled! we have a January thaw on the way. Your posts are as good as ever-they always leave me hankerin fer more!

Anonymous said...

Public testimony is just important and what he did was a good thing.

JOCOeveryman said...

I understand your thinking. I just think if you want to think in terms of effectiveness that approach is a real turn off to most people. So if that is the case, who is he doing it for?

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I listened to him repeat what he said after he was challenged on it on the other networks and the blogosphere. He didn't back away one bit.

I think Hume feels some freedom to express his views since he no longer hosts his own show.

I sure didn't know that about his son. Tragic.