Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Reid is my White Negro

Yo (White) Negro! Really?

Look, Of course there is a double standard with liberal elites. To watch Robert Reich stare daggers through Dick Cheney's (whatever her name is....) daughter on Meet the Press on Sunday when she brought it up was all I needed to see. Why is that jackass still on every policy wonk show? That midget, er, I mean little man, needs to go away. Your day in the sun was like more than 10 years ago.

I'm not like everyone else who says crucify the man but I'd like to see a little more Liberal humility and grace the next time a Conservative says something dumb. I want Harry Reid and Robert Reich sitting on Meet The Press saying that making a observation about race in politics isn't necessarily racist when it happened to come from the mouth of a conservative. They never exhibit the same grace. BTW, he missed his mark on the apology. It shouldn't be to the President, it should be to the American people.
Where is Jesse Jackson?

Liberal Elites have this unbelievable power to absolve each other of their own stupidity. They can, I guess, because they are just better people and they don't really mean it?


Anonymous said...

Funny but sad.

Anonymous said...

You conservatives are whacked. Reid is no racist. You all are just trying to derail our plan to get every American health insurance. Give up.