Thursday, January 7, 2010

Remembering Wendall Anschutz

As I've said many times before I'm not the breaking news blog. I prefer to comment on the news instead.

First, for all you too young to know, this dude was the it in Kansas City news for decades. He had credibility but he made you feel comfortable at the same time. You don't see local anchors like that anymore.

I wouldn't say I knew the man. I had a fleeting interaction with Mr. Anschutz a few years back when his son bought a small coffee shop in Johnson County that my family frequented on Saturday mornings. Those first months after his son bought it we would see Wendall in the shop sitting in a comfortable chair in the corner.......observing. Sure, he'd help tidy something up here and there but mostly he let his son do his thing. He was there to support his son and you'd see him offer some quiet advice or insight as to how a customer responded or how they acted. I recognized him immediately that first day and after awhile had the chance to say hello and chat for a bit. He was warm and friendly. We didn't talk about his work on TV or anything like that just regular old stuff. He was unassuming. I got to ask him about his paintings which were on the walls of the shop. He was very humble about them but they were very nice. He was engaging with my kids and seemed to get a kick out of them. We were sad to see the shop not make it. This was a good man and to his family and especially his son who patiently made my kids smoothies and really anything but coffee, who I know all too well exactly how he is feeling right now, I want to express my sincere sympathy.


Anonymous said...

The man was an institution in KC. Died of cancer I read.

Winston said...

I always wondering if he was banging Anne Peterson....isn't that horrible? Yes, it is.