Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dang it is cold.......or some random thoughts.

Don't complain. You seriously see stuff like almost every winter in Chicago.
I guess I'll be like everyone else and do the "it is cold" post. Maybe I'll just summarize some of my thoughts in bullet form.

Snow Removal: The Burb/Metro squabble about (better) snow removal is stupid. Go live in Chicago for a winter. They get snow. That is a city with a mayor that runs both both crime families....the government and the mob. Jane Byrne was catapulted to the mayor's office after her predecessor did a inept job of directing the plows. They plow the main streets and everyone is on their own like a female Chinese orphan baby. If they do plow your street it buries your parked car and you have hours of digging or if you are lucky enough to have a garage in the alley your friendly neighbors with big snow blowers put all their snow in front of the garage next to them and so on and so on until it ends up in front of one old lady who either doesn't want to get out or is simply SOL. Life slows down when you get these (sorta) big snowfalls. Try to enjoy the change of pace. Take advantage.

No school today: Well, what else would you expect? Back in school one day. My kids probably had the craziest Richie Rich Christmas they will ever know (until next year) and at 9 AM they proclaim they are bored after I won't let them watch Disney.

My Dog: Has had all the dog bred out of him....I think.....except the licking his balls, sniffing poop, and eating his own puke. Anyway. Usually putting him is outside to take care of business is like turning Olathe Mayor Mike Copeland loose at a church other dog is more social than a priest at a boys summer camp. He has to visit neighbors, neighbors dogs and check it all out. He isn't a bad dog and he doesn't run off, per se, he just normally takes his sweet ass time making his business. Last couple days.........he only goes out the door about 5-7 feet and "evacuates the system". He usually looks back at me stiff as a statue as if to say, "You need to come carry me in. I can't move". He weighs like a hundred so that isn't happening.

Shoveling your suburban driveway: What is so innate in some people that even before the snow stops falling they have to start shoveling their drive? What a waste of time. Why does it have to be perfectly clean? If you need exercise go to the gym cause for most of you high blood pressure, type II Diabetic fatties what you are doing is recipe for a heart attack. Crap, everyone drives an SUV. It isn't like you are gonna get stuck in your own yard. My father in law is so paranoid of getting sued by someone slipping and falling he puts up orange cones at the front door with a sign that says, "Caution May Be Slippery"

New Toy: I got a deal for Christmas that will stamp a three letter monogram on your golf know so you know which one is YOUR ProV-1 in the weeds. So I was trying it out in front of the TV when my kid picks one up and says...."Dad, your initials aren't "WTF....." Busted. She doesn't know what that means yet.

I loved this post. I love the Desirada. Good words to remember but after some of the scathing emails I received from this guy the irony isn't lost on me like Bernie Madoff doing a "The More You Know" PSA on being trustworthy. Peace.

I loved this post as well. She writes some good stuff. I always think she is somebody I'd like get to know a little better. If I have to count the man crushes I've had on certain athletes I am a solid 1 on this Kinsey scale.

Cool? I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Making fun of those of us posting "its cold" posts eh? What are we supposed to do it’s a freaking winter wonderland (more like disaster) with no end in sight. It consumes you, especially if connected in anyway to the city as then not only do you get to deal with the snow but listen to others gripe about it with expectations that I will fix it. Luuuuvvv the Midwest this time of year, especially this year. Your part about shoveling of the driveway does crack me up as soooo true. I always feel like the ugly stepchild neighbor as why bother until the snow quits.

May said...

Hey thanks for the linkage :) I'm slow and just saw this post.