Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blogger Dilemma

I'll confess I enjoy checking the blog to see what little comment "presents" are left behind. Meesha wrote once that he at times felt whoreish about pandering to readers....or something like that. I can understand that. I think many of us fight it because we write for ourselves (mostly) but at times I know I like to see what others think of our little electronic offerings.

It is hard to explain because truly I'm happy for people to have whatever reaction they need. If I wanted to make everyone happy I'd write about unicorns and rainbows and put a smiley face on everything :-).

I don't think I have a "role" like legitimate media. I just comment on what I see around me. Readers should definitely "consider the source" when reading this blog...... If I make you think at all........either for or against me.......the artist in me feels satisfied. I really try NOT to over think it. Write. Spellcheck. Post. Sometimes it works....sometimes not.

So I feel like I face a dilemma. Over the past few months I've written some about Tom Scherer. I provided some thoughts, asked some questions, and exposed him a little bit.....all reasonable in my mind for a candidate for congress. It caused a massive shit storm with Tom and he has been pretty pissed about it. I don't want to rehash everything but if you read the blog (Tom feels strongly nobody does) you know Tom lashed out at lots of people and spent lots of late nights writing me emails and sending comments to the blog with lots of threats. Sadly, I felt bad that I brought Tony and JOCOSOB into it and I think Tony is still pissed at me about it. I won't say I don't have regrets about it but probably not in the way you think. I feel like I was the kids in the truck chasing a young Forest Gump home from school. I'm all for a lively debate among people who have honest disagreements. I didn't realize until too late that nobody at the Republican party takes Tom seriously. Now, I understand. It is kinda like my Uncle Steve who would sit in the corner and play the spoons and chain smoke at family gatherings except when he was being a boorish pain in the ass. Nobody made fun of him even though they could.

Is it any different than Tony making fun of the Mayor or Jeff Roe?

At first I approved all his comments until I realized he had started leaving comments both as himself and anonymously and frankly some of them seemed so crazy that I thought I'd give him a break and NOT put all of them up. It seemed like piling on and it was just too easy. I wanted to move on. This doesn't even consider the emails which are really amazing. I just didn't want the blog to be too much about any one thing.......even if the material is good.

He has written some incredibly entertaining things on his blog that if I didn't know he was dead stone cold serious I would swear it is as good as any episode of Steven Colbert. I've never seen, in my opinion, a person so infatuated and obsessed with pretending to be a lawyer, pretending to practice law and running for office. I am starting to think nothing would be better than to send this guy to Washington to deal with Nancy Pelosi on a daily basis. I might be coming around to his candidacy on that basis alone.

Okay, I know it has taken me awhile to get to the dilemma but here it is..........do I approve/post his comments or reject them? I've kept telling myself if he wants to send them as himself I should approve them but the anonymous ones that I think are soooooo obviously him I shouldn't. The anonymous ones remind me of that scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy and Champ prank call Veronica over and over from inside the office. Honestly, I get kinda excited when he leaves them.

As I write this I guess it helped me figure it out. No, I guess I shouldn't. It isn't fair and it borders on just plain mean. I don't want to be mean. I can't believe the direction this post is taking. Here goes.

So, Tom. I want to apologize for being mean spirited toward you and I'll not write about you anymore.......unless you get the nomination. Getting it all down has made it seem so much clearer to me. Sorry the post is so long. Peace.


m.v. said...

not that I car about the guy or JoCo republican politics but I liked that you linked the word dilemma to the dictionary :-)

JOCOeveryman said...

I'm glad you liked it. I thought it was a funny touch.

SOB said...

What the hell is this crap!

Screw that guy.

Tony said...

No hard feelings here!!! This is an awesome post and touches on a lot of the backstory that made this blogger/politico exchange so lively.

Thomas E. Scherer said...

Well, not sure if I should say thanks or not. Glad you like using a dictionary. You know what word I really suggest you look up . . . give the word copyright a shot.

Did you notice the last couple of posts. The on line brief in real time. How cool is that? Or all these ladies wanting me to help them related to child custody?

This is one of the cool things about running for Congress. People ask for help and you take their problems as your own trying to do whatever it takes.

Now if JOCOSOB would be nicer, it would be all cool. His blog is still very funny. It makes me laugh even if he is trashing me. Go for it. Negative or constructive reference to my name is a good thing.

The mere fact the insiders at the GOP HQ are not very supportive, I am indifferent. I am party leader, not a party loyalst. And some of them, the old school do not like the fact I am not kissing their backside or yours. Nor will I. I am fighting for people's rights. That is what they want. So another word worth looking up is "champion". Want me to spell it again.

Ok. I will go slower for you. C H A M P I O N.

In regard to my writing style, think Dave Barry.

Peace back.

Thomas E. Scherer, Candidate, United States Congress

Anonymous said...

Nice one - so no more bashing on the guy huh? I do think when you run for public office you open yourself up for criticism. But it can be harsh at times so nice you are giving him a break, even if he did go a bit crazy on you.

JOCOeveryman said...

And really Tom, I'm NOT putting your comments up. It isn't fair to make fun of you anymore and your own words on my blog don't make you look smart. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.