Friday, February 5, 2010

Marathon Sex.....could it be genetic?

I'm traveling this week and you know you travel too much when everyone at the hotel knows you. They were really great to me this week. They upgraded me to the Presidential Suite. Sweet. That is a pretty cool treat. Even when putting your room number on a bill the staff is like........shit, that dude in THE suite. At least I like to think they are thinking that.

Anyway, I was reading the USA Today......which people only read when they travel.......over some scrambled eggs and applewood smoked bacon and I saw this article on a new study. It suggests evidence that our genes are a determinant in the level of endurance we can build through exercise. Meaning that for some people no matter how much they exercise they might NOT be able to run a marathon. So, I guess I shouldn't be so proud of myself with all these races I've done.....and yet again another excuse for all the fatties who don't exercise. It is all in the genes.

JOCOeveryman digression......

You know how movie stars sometimes gain weight to play a role? I was wondering just how fat I could get if I really tried? I wonder what the most calories I've ever consumed in a single day? Could I accomplish being the fattest man in the world before killing myself? How fast could I gain say 20 pounds if I really "worked" at it? I know I've gained 10 pounds in a week's vacation before on several occasions but really that must be child's play. I mean, shit, I wasn't even trying.

End of JOCOeveryman digression.

Now all I need is a study that explains to my wife that it isn't my fault that I last only 30 seconds...okay, okay...........20 seconds. Different kind of endurance. Spraying something on my little friend down there........don't think so.


Anonymous said...

Still laughing.
Getting portly is easy,
but it does take time.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry most of my life, of course I had to check out the ingredients. Benzocaine. Topical anesthetic. Numbs. Works well for toothaches.

So, if you can't feel your little friend, well, ... and I imagine it does wonders for her too.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Approved by FDA

JOCOeveryman said...

Nice JOOLS. So when my wife says she isn't interested in my 20 second offering cause she has a toothache I'll have something for her!