Wednesday, February 24, 2010

No More Treats for Dogs! (Until the humans are fed)

I have nothing against pets. I am personally a dog guy but I've developed a healthy respect for kittys over the past few years too. We have a very nice little doggie running around JOCO. We love him. But......

He is a dog. Not a person.

What does it say about us as a society that we have people who give tons and tons of money to dog shelters when we have homeless shelters that are brimming full, domestic violence shelters that have to turn women away, and children growing up in foster care never knowing a real home.....ever........until they turn 18 and have to go out and try to make one for themselves?

Did I say I love pets? I do. Don't send me a comment telling me I'm a animal hater. In fact, I'd welcome a comment from someone who thinks they can argue that dogs are as valuable as humans.

What does it say about us as a society that we have some jackass who will stand at the gate of a park and pour blood all over himself to protest shooting deer when that very night somebody (several probably) were killed on our East side not to mention how many called a local domestic violence shelter looking for a bed.

Does it bother you that a place like Wayside Waifs seems to have all the money they need yet City Union Mission is begging for cash?

When did euthanizing an unwanted dog become the equivalent to a holocaust gas chamber?

I bet private agencies spend more on unwanted pets in this country than unwanted kids.

Our priorities are all whacked man. I'll never write a check to an animal shelter as long as there are humans in need unless that shelter is in the business of rounding up nuisance strays and disposing of them. I'd give money to that.

While I'm on the subject...........why do I see people struggling to pay their bills and getting government assistance with two dogs? I know all too well how much it cost to have a dog.

Really? I saw a story recently that there are people airlifting dogs from California eastbound where the demand for rescued Chihuahuas is much higher. Is this a joke? I wonder how many people they flew over that hadn't eaten that day or where sleeping outside? You know how much it costs to fly a plane? This story featured a dog being personally chauffeured in a private plane to a new home?

You know what else? This isn't a government problem. We need to stop looking to government to fix these problems. Social welfare is delivered best and most compassionately when it is done personally. This is your problem and my problem.

I wonder how much it wounds some one's self worth to see society value a dog more than them? Is it like the absurdity of explaining to someone starving in Africa that people in the United States diet to lose weight?

Did I say I love my dog? He is laying at my feet right now. I can afford my dog AND still give probably more than I can comfortably afford to causes and religious organizations that help humans. However, if it were either or.........sorry doggie.

I started thinking about this when I heard a friend tell me about a local person who just wrote a $20,000 check to a no kill animal shelter. One human could live off that for a year!

Think about how absurd it is really. Seriously. Think about it.


Anonymous said...

JE--I heart my doggy & my ditty but it is amazing that the importance that animal life has taken precedence over humans. My sister worships her pugs, she has no kids and they are her world! She sends the ASPCA cash and is giving $ to the local "save a pug" organizations-that is her prerogative. Being married to the vet, who loves animals too, he takes time with clients advising them on their pets health care, even the DVM sees them as animals. Just tonight on the news some fella's dog was shot & killed by the Green Bay police because they could not catch it and it was headed for a busy 4 lane bridge of traffic. Was it an extreme measure? Yea- but people's lives and well being should take priority.
JY in WI

Anonymous said...

Amen everyman

Anonymous said...

I wonder why more people don't say are exactly right.

barndarb said...

Every single Dog and Cat is more valuable than the Waldo Rapist. Dogs and Cats are more valuable than 90% of Congress.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Of course you are correct; however, I think one needs to consider how people spend money in general. People standing in line for hours to buy the next best product Apple puts out don't really impress me as the most charitable people I know.

It's all relative.

JOCOeveryman said...

Unchecked consumerism is clearly a big problem.