Monday, March 1, 2010

Don't Buy Stuff.

This was a SNL skit but jackasses won't seem to let anyone embed the skit. The original is much funnier but this gets the point through. If you want to see the real one with Steve Martin click here.

Truly, I was listening to a little Dave Ramsey on a cross state drive last week and while I usually laugh at how people can make a living telling other people the most incredibly obvious Pepper Brooks in Dodgeball..."that blindfold is gonna make it hard for him to see".....I was actually a little moved by how this guy is getting people to live debt free. They call in with their stories of how they buckled down and got out of debt.....pretty cool. Suze Orman though.....complete idiot....why is she wearing black leather and yelling at everyone? I think she might have been a dominatrix before this gig.

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