Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rahm you idiot.

I know it is hard for most people to understand why using the word "retard" is derogatory. Trust me it is. This picture above while some may think is funny breaks my heart. Rahm probably thinks it is hilarious. I thought it would drive home the point a bit.

How about the so called "enlightened" limousine liberals? They like to tell the rest of us how to think and call all of us conservatives "close minded" while they enjoy disparaging people with disabilities. Does it feel smart and powerful to make fun of people who have more courage and work harder to do things that you and I take for granted everyday?

I also like the latest example of one liberal absolving another liberal for their lack of character.

Tim Shriver, CEO of Special Olympics, who has rightly championed a campaign to end the use of the word "retard" was on call to take and accept Rahm's apology.......apparently on behalf of all people with intellectual disabilities. Hey dickhead, how about an apology to everyone you insulted? I know you are legendary for your free use of the eff word which sounds so amazingly intelligent. One of my resolutions this year was to stop using the eff word but today I'll make an exception. So how about I speak your language for a moment.........FUCK YOU, PRICK.

I hope these comments only display their lack of education and self control and not their real feelings and commitment to people with disabilities. I doubt it.


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

I don't know anyone who uses the word "retard", but a lot who use the word "rAtard".

I assume you've seen The Hangover?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it so incredible that people in power are damn dumb and full of themselves! Wyatt(who would make a better chief of staff than Rahm) has Down syndrome. I recognize that in the medical world the word retarded is still a clinical term. As smart as Ramm might be, he did not use it in the proper context. My husband thinks Ramm is the anti-christ! Makes ya wonder!
JY in WI

JOCOeveryman said...

Retarded is word that can be used properly.......so I'm sensitive to to that. I don't know how old your son is but I know that would be hurtful to him if someone called him that. I love that you read the blog. Thanks Jayne.

Sinic.....I'm dying that I haven't seen The Hangover yet. I can't wait to see it. I've watched the trailer only about a dozen times online. Soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

Wyatt is 5 1/2 and his sibs would be hurt by that word at this stage in the game. I love your blog JE. I am not on FB so I can't doppelgang myself-
I too need to see the movie "Hangover" and would like to eat at Jen Jens sometime when I get out of Mayberry-so much to do, so little time. I get what I really need from your Sojoco Every Man blog, or at least the basics to be somewhat "with it"!
JY(Barbi Benton in Doppelganger world)

Anonymous said...

That picture makes me sad as well. So many people are quick to make fun or put down those with special needs and in all reality they are indeed gifts from God who can share so much love.

Anonymous said...

why would you resolve to stop using the F bomb? its the best

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I can't stand Emanuel so anything that comes out of his mouth is poison to me, BUT

I think people have gone overboard on politically correct speech. I didn't realize it is inappropriate to use the word Negro until all hell broke loose over Reid a few weeks ago. That used to be a respectable word. Yes, I've grown used to referring to people as Black, but I didn't know I was a racist for not eliminating Negro from my vocabulary.

Now, we can't say retarded. I heard it referred to as the "R" word on Fox this morning.

So, now we have the N word and the R word and I'm sure there are other "letters" I better learn before I go out in public and embarrass myself and find myself shunned for saying something as stupid as retarded, ... oh wait, maybe I shouldn't say "stupid" either. Is that the "S" word?

Of course it is terrible to make fun of people who are mentally or physically challenged or to slur any person because of his/her skin color. However, I think there is a difference in the context of how a word is used or to whom it is directed.

Just sayin -

Dee said...

Yes, I remember when Sarah Palin told us that parents of children with disabilities would have a friend in the Whitehouse if her and McCain won. Its appears that we may not with Obama. Once again, if a conservative had said this, he would be resigning.

JOCOeveryman said...

JOOLS....love and respect you. I agree with you on the PC stuff but....and a big but......calling people retarded really has to go....you are totally right. It can be used correctly. It is a legitimate word. It is too often demeaning....like in the picture I posted.

Okay.....maybe I'll use the the F word....just sparingly. :-)

PFL0W said...

I love that Rush Limbaugh calls--and has called--people "retards" and "retarded" for some time and no one on the "Right" said anything about it.

Now, because of this incident, it got pointed out and who comes to defend "Porkulus" Limbaugh? None other than "you shouldn't call people retarded" Sarah Palin, hypocrite extraordinaire.

God, I love Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Really and the entire far-right for being the entertaining, ignorant and highly amusing group they are--when they aren't being too ugly, stupid and threatening.

Mo Rage

JOCOeveryman said...

Believe it or not....I don't listen to Rush. I consider him conservatism for beginners. If he is calling people retarded then I'm happy to be the conservative to call him out. It is wrong. I wish I had a bigger voice.

But it is kinda like nobody on the "left" calling out Harry Reid for his demeaning comments towards blacks. Touche my friend.

Now will you call out Obama for not giving 5 days of public comment before signing laws......and allowing the healthcare bill to be negotiated behind closed doors? Will you call him out on his promise to reduce earmarks that he hasn't done? He promised to change the tone in Washington.....I guess what he meant was that conservatives should change their tone and just agree with him.

Should I go on? Where are the progressives on his failed promises? Where are you? I've called out my own on many occassions....Kline, Toplikar, Palin, Colloton....stood up for gay rights.

PFL0W said...

Pres. O is, in fact, being "called out", by the Right--and Left--we do it all the time. The Left did call out Reid, too, and I think it was all silly, frankly, on his comments.

And making a bill "behind closed doors"? Are you kidding on that one? How do you think these things have been written for the last 100 years? They're always behind closed doors and it's just gotten worse, if anything, with all the lobbyists money and influence. Creating legislation "behind closed doors" is the least of our concerns. Getting the big money out of our government is a much bigger problem. Complaining about bills being written out of public view like this is just a canard. It's something to accuse the other side of when the real issue is giving the American people relief from the insurance companies so we have affordable health care again, as soon as possible, one day.

And please. Do some searching on Left blogs. People have been bitching about Pres. O's policies for the last 6 months at minimum. The longer he's in the WH, the more he gets it from us now, too--not just the Right.

Heck yes we'll give him heck for not getting earmarks out of Washington. We're all on the same side on that issue--Left, Right, everyone. And we won't let up on it, either.


JOCOeveryman said...

Perspective is a funny thing. I realize the left has been calling him out....but for not being liberal enough...for compromising on the public option, for not closing Gitmo....that is typical and expected that the fringe of either side wants their person to move further their direction. I don't put too much stock in that kind of calling out.....who else are they gonna support?

I thought you sent him there to change Washington? He promised open debate on C-Span but instead we got Harry Reid cutting deals in a business as usual and the "ends justify the means" attitudes from people that think they are standing on higher ground....change we can believe in....remember? I thought we were changing from the past 100 years but now it is good enough.

BTW....I'm cool with you thinking Reid's comments were okay as long as you said the same thing about Trent Lott.....did you? Actually, I didn't think Trent Lott's comments were acceptable....nor were Reid's. That's just me.

JOCOeveryman said...

Oh....when I said I like to check out Left Blogs....I meant yours. I can't stomach too many.

PFL0W said...

Trent Lott lamented a horrible racist's history from the 50's and 60's. Reid said something vague about "a 'light-skinned' African American' with no Negro dialect..."

At the time, I was surprised Lott was out and I certainly didn't think he should be thrown out.

I was just glad he was.

If you don't think that we, over here on the Left, don't want Washington changed and that we're happy they're doing business as usual, you're mistaken.

We also want them to spend less money.

How's that for being unconventional and out of character for the stereotypical Liberal/Leftie?

As for me? I love checking out conservative blogs.

I do it for the humor.

Seriously, they make me laugh. Especially the ones behind Rush, Sarah P., Beck, Hannity and/or O'Really.