Monday, March 22, 2010

Bad Coffee

This might gross some of you out.

On Friday I was head long into a pot of coffee. I don't why I do this but it isn't unusual that after the first few cups subsequent cups will get cold before I finish them. I dunno, the phone rings or get really wrapped up in an opus of an email. I've also surmised that perhaps I use a larger cup than I should.

I had been up from my desk to do something. I came back to my desk and grabbed the cold cup of coffee and headed to the microwave for a 30 second blast. Usually half full, I'll top it off first.

Ding! Perfect. Drink, Sip, Drink. It tastes a little more bitter than normal but nuking it doesn't inspire quality anyway.

Maybe a half hour to hour later my stomach starts rumbling. My bowels start gurgling. I'm starting to feel really shitty. I finish most of my afternoon on the shitter.

Toward 6 PM and cocktail hour I'm starting to feel a little better. In fact, a ton better. I've heard of a 24 hour bug but a 4 hour one? Did I eat something bad?

Then I notice something. Another cup of coffee sitting on the counter. One on my desk and one on the counter. Same cup. Hmmmm.

Turns is the gross part..................there was an old cup of coffee on my desk from................wait for it......................last week on my desk. I grabbed it instead, topped it off, reheated it and drank it. I know it was at least a week old because I was out of town the entire week on a work trip.

Did you know drinking week old coffee would give you the shits for 4 hours?

New rules at JOCOeveryman's desk.

1. No more topping off and reheating.

2. No more leaving coffee cup on desk from prior day.

These will be posted on the wall.



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Anonymous said...

I'll add your name to the church prayer chain...hee hee
Your favorite in WI

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

TMI my friend

JOCOeveryman said...

It is all about sharing Sinic.