Monday, March 22, 2010

Just shoot the dog already

Come on. Really. I've written about this before.

How can anyone value a dog more than a person? Should I start with you and dog and only one space left in the lifeboat? Wayside Waifs says......let me think about this for a second.

Again. I love my (adopted) dog. But he is a dog.

Shelter Veterans? Dustin has been in the shelter for 3 years? I wonder what it has cost to keep good old Dustin alive these past 3 years? Front page of today's paper. 3 stories. Health Care....why you'll love it. Check. Toyota getting sued.........why we should hate another evil corporation. Check. And finally........not crimes against people or the how the homeless PEOPLE faired against this late season storm.....Nope. Homeless Dogs. Thanks Dawn Bormann still on the Doggie beat.

Dustin needs to be pushing up daiseys someplace.

This is exactly what is wrong with a no kill shelter. The article talks about all the time and effort that has gone unrewarded in finding this dog a "forever home". Crap. If this dog is so great why doesn't one of the shelter workers take him home? Most people I know who work or volunteer at a shelter have like 9 dogs. What's one more? Shoot the effing dog and let's get on with it.


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You're right tho, shelter people could take him home. In a cage for 3 years ain't no picnic.