Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Save the Music" dominated Blue Valley School Board Forum

Yes, I went to the Budget Forum last night for Blue Valley.

Why do I get the idea that the rest of the area districts are just waiting to see what Blue Valley does then follow?

I will say the event was pretty well organized and the people were on balance very cordial. In fact it almost had the feel of a social event.

In fact, the business was serious.

They did a good job of educating the room on the facts which saved a lot of time.

The bottom line is classroom size will be affected. The question is how much. The proposal is basically adding on average 1 or 2 kiddos per classroom.

Programs like elementary music, middle school sports, and french are also likely to get cut.

One guy I heard said he would prefer adding 5 kids per class if it meant saving music. Ouch. He clearly hasn't been inside a classroom for some time. That won't work. Idiot.

It is a hard deal. I don't envy the School Board members. They listened to everyone regardless of how uninformed and stupid.

Music advocates were there in force with yellow "Save the Music" t-shirts. They were easily 80% of the 500 some people there. I'd hate to see music not apart of the school but truthfully.......I would probably just get my kids private lessons and I'd rather see that than crammed classrooms.

I had the chance to talk with Sue Matson as well as Tom Trigg. They were both patient and helpful.

All the TV stations were there.

We need a funding with better local control.


Anonymous said...

Nice post SOJOCO. If we were talking about an inner-city school I'd say save the music. In BV? Parents can afford lessons. Junior High sports are worthless anyway. BV and it's ivory tower will be just fine.

Bill the Painter said...

Why not cut money from some the sports programs? Geez, how much is THAT budget?

If a student wants to participate in band, there should be a fee to pay for it. It isn't necessary for the basic education of the students.

Save the music? Sure, if you PAY for the music.

How about that fleet of courier vehicles the district owns? I'm sure there's plenty of waste that can be found.

JOCOeveryman said...

Bill, they are cutting all middle school sports.

They could increase activity fees for high school sports I guess.

By state law they can't charge a fee for music because it occurs during the day's instructional time. If it was before or after they could but where do you find somebody who only wants to work before of after school? If you have to pay them all day it doesn't save anything.

I don't know about the fleet. Maybe a possibility but they have to find $10 million.

It is complicated....sadly.