Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Llywelyn's Bathroom

Llywelyn's survived the stolen credit card numbers.

This is a place I actually like to hang out on occasion. Old church makes a great pub. Perfect. Not a good wine selection. Drink beer there or whiskey.

The new day bartender is awfully cute. I think she came over from Wil Jenny's.

This place is like a really cute girl, who likes to party with bad halitosis.

It is the men's bathroom. It wreaks of sewer gas............I mean it smells like ass.

If this was the chick's bathroom it would be addressed ASAP. Screw the men.

Guess what? We hate nasty bathrooms too. Come on.......call a plumber.


Anonymous said...

Did you mention something to the manager? It is more than likely a dry floor drain. Putting some water in it would fix it. I don't know why people don't just bring up a problem (yes the manager should of noticed) instead of getting all upset about it.

JOCOeveryman said...

I should have said....it has been like that for WEEKS....not one visit. It is impossible not to notice. I didn't say I wasn't going back or anything like that. I'm not a "tell the manager the obvious kinda guy"

Anonymous said...

I hope the stink didn't stay with you when you left.

Anonymous said...

They survived the credit card theft for the short term. The fine for not being pci compliant will be exorbitant. They will then probably be sued like Jose Peppers. They will have new owners or be out of business by November. Which is sad because the owner is a pretty good guy.

Anonymous said...

So true about the chicks bathroom v. the guys! Hey we need finer things as we are just classier. Kidding.

JOCOeveryman said...

well if they have to sell I'm sure it won't be avaiable for long. I know so many people who love that place (bathroom excepted) that someone would be crazy not to snap it up.

I wish them well. Wasn't aware of the fine situation. Thanks for adding that.