Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doesn't he have a point??????

Some of the liberal media was actually coming to Jim Bunning's defense in the last news cycle. Chris Matthews and Harry Smith both used the same talking point by saying, "Doesn't he have a point?"

As pitcher you have to be willing to throw high and inside. Give them the chin music. The guy isn't trying to win political points.

He must be listening to Dave Ramsey.

By the way.........a prediction. When they do pass this measure and pay for it they will also agree to pay the workers for the time they missed so it is like they are getting a free vacation. Remember when Newt and the Contract With America Band shut down the government for a few days? Every worker was paid for the time they were furloughed.
Read the Senator's words........

"When 100 senators are for a bill and we can't find $10 billion to pay for
it, there's something the matter, seriously the matter, with this body," he said
to an empty chamber Friday. "There are going to be other bills brought to this
floor that are not going to be paid for, and I'm going to object every time they
do it. . . . I have got too many young grandchildren that want America to be the
same America that I grew up in. And I'm worried to death that that's not going
to be the case."

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