Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Michael Ashcraft to Challenge for JOCO Commission

I think Michael Ashcraft gets it. I don't know the man but in my book he is off to the right start questioning why a part time position earns full time pay. I've been pointing this out since before Toplikar starting stealing signs.

Besides nearly $50,000 a year Johnson County Commissioners get nice benefits and perks like health insurance, car allowance, and cell phone which probably gets to a nice little sum for someone serving their fellow day a week. Who wouldn't want that gig.......and you fly below the radar?

He seems to have a solid background in public administration and works with a firm, ETC Institute, that is a leading national firm for research for governments and municipalities. They often consult with candidates for office on the important issues to voters.......aka polling data. As a result you think Mr. Ashcroft might have a good angle on what 5th district voters want to hear? My early prediction is Doug Wood is a mister in trouble of losing his sweet 50K gig. Will we see another "Sign-gate" or other nasty political tricks the likes we saw from Lindstrom against Azeltine? We'll be watching.

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