Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yo Holmes! Do your Homework about Ironwoods Park

I utilize Ironwoods Park on a regular basis. It is a great park. This park was voted on by the citizens of Leawood with a full plan to add an enhanced amphitheater BEFORE Steeplechase had a single house built. This amphitheater will be great and a nice place for people to go to see small outdoor plays, events and concerts. This plan was of public record before Mr Holmes purchased his McMansion in south Leawood. Even looking at the park now it isn't hard to imagine they aren't finished with it. As a prospective home buyer I certainly would have had questions.

If Mr. Holmes bought his home 900 feet from Ironwoods Park and didn't have the brainpower to check to see about the plans for the park then I can't really feel sorry for him. That is a pretty expensive neighborhood. I'd have checked. Let's see.....if you were considering purchasing a home next to a major city park...... Maybe one call to the Leawood City Hall or Planning Department wouldn't have taken too much of your time before you plopped down at least a half a million on a home?????? He said nobody told him.......the plan was there...............and I'm sure the cranky old Lou Rasmussen will happily provide Mr. Holmes and anyone else who wants to claim ignorance the background on the project. Nobody told you? Why didn't he ask? I hate to say this but it again is the whole idea of personal responsibility versus expecting someone else to take care of you.
And then there is the whole neighbors acting badly thing. I found this little facebook group and it seems to really be a thing over in Steeplechase. I thought rich people were smart. I thought they checked things out. Certainly you can have a party at your own home until you start bothering others.......and they complain......and the police show up. 134 people joined. Not bad.

In the Ironwoods case, Mayor Dunn is being nice in looking for ways to help and Councilman Bussing is duty bound to speak up for a constituent. He asked for documentation on the project. He already knows what that documentation will show. And then Mr. Holmes will need to be quiet so the rest of us can enjoy the new amphitheater.

I guess I kinda feel bad because the guy wasn't bright enough to check. Mizzou grad...what else would you expect.


Anonymous said...

I saw that in the paper. Always somebody is gonna complain.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

That is my favorite trail next to the Trolley Trail to run on!

Until they find the mister in Waldo with the bangin breath, I'll stick to Ironwoods.

Also, fun little barn for parties.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like ignorance. I hate when people expect others to do EVERYTHING for them. Even better when you sit in public office and get complaints like this on a daily basis and have to "pretend" to care and respond.

Anonymous said...

The plan on file with the city in 2001 when these homes were built is drastically different from the $7m ampitheater that is currently being considered. The original plan specifically states "no permanent seating" and was supposed to be a small community ampitheater with plenty of green space and walking trails. At this point, the new facility will have 1700 permanent seats, concession stands and a ticket office. The plan has become much more grandiose than when originally created.

The Leawood Stage Company that uses the current ampitheater( and is raising money for the new ampitheater) often practices until close to midnight in the weeks leading up to the production. They sound check and test microphones late at night and can't help but shine lights into the neighboring homes. In fact, when you call the Leawood Stage Company, it rings at City Hall.

If the residents of Steeplechase should have done their homework on the park next to their homes (as you state), perhaps the City of Leawood should have stuck to their original plans for the park and not allowed homes to be developed so close to the park.

JOCOeveryman said...

Why do you people keep just saying the same things? Again, if they make a change like they did with the bathroom they will have to go back to get approval on the revision and if the change is "significant" they will have to start over. If the 1700 seats weren't in there I'd say that is argument from me on that. If it is just a revision it will likely be approved. My guess is anything significant probably wouldn't be due to public (steeplechase) feedback. That all sounds right to me.

Anonymous said...

Dude, There are no 1/2 million dollar homes in Steeplechase. You keep saying that for dramatic effect, but it's wrong. Look it up:

Honest Debate said...

I read often about rehearsals going for weeks and often until midnight or after. I have even seen YouTube videos of the shows claiming it was 1am when they were filmed.

Despite that, I have been in years of shows for the LSC. And, I can assure you we're never had a sound system even turned on after 1045 at night, ever, in all those years. There has never been a single night when I have left after 11pm. The video online claiming it is 1am was actually shot about 950pm or so. I know, I was in it.

Rehearsals for the past several years were held on 3 nights before the show started. 1 of those was rained out, leaving only 2 rehearsals lasting until 1045pm.

Debate is a good thing, for everyone. But, accuracy is important in that discussion. The facts are that sound is off no later than 1045pm, and normally 1030pm. People leave at 11pm. And, there are 3 rehearsals in advance of 7 shows.

That is a total of 10 nights...not weeks, not months, not midnight, and not 1am.

So, if we want to debate if this is an appropriate use of the park, then that is fine. It's appropriate to do so, especially when talking about expansion. Every voice should be heard...those of homeowners and the LSC as well. All parties should come together, discuss the challenges, respect each other, and allow the city to make a decision.

But, people need have the decency to discuss without stretching the truth. It is accurate to say there is noise at 1030pm. It is not accurate to say close to midnight. It is accurate to say this last 10 days. It is not accurate to say several weeks or months.

Perhaps by working together in good honest debate, there is a solution nobody has noticed yet that can be achieved together. Hopefully, everyone on both sides can come to the table and work together.