Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dana Wright era over at Channel 5????

First off......holy crap. I haven't posted in 9 days. I've been traveling like crazy and a lot of that includes stuff I won't even post as an anonymous blogger.

I've got some topics backlogged in my head. We'll see if I get to them.

Today though..........I was sad to see that it appears that Channel 5 fired their morning team of Dana Wright and Chris Pisano. I was running around trying to get everyone ready and out the door this morning and I think I saw that this was their last morning on air. I did a quick google and didn't see anything.

I love Dana Wright. She has a devilish little look about her. She looks pretty much down right ornery in real life. And frankly, pretty darn cute as well. I think she'd be fun to hang out with. If that is true and it appears to be I guess I'm done with Channel 5 in the morning.

I'm wondering if they are reassigning them? Different shift? I don't know. It seems as if she has been on air for quite a few years but she seems pretty young and I thought she was good and funny.

Well.........let's see what happens. I'm guessing maybe more news will come out today. I don't think I'd like that industry. How is an old fucker like Larry Moore with his nasty teeth and creepy laugh still reading the news and making a ton of cash and someone like Dana Wright not? Sucks to be a hot chick in that industry.

Maybe they did something wrong? Maybe they caught Pisano and Wright doing the no pants dance in the editing room? Naw. do wonder.....they do have cameras everywhere at a TV station. Did she say "Fuck You Kansas City" in her sign off like Ron Burgundy? I dunno.

Of course a run by the Channel 5 website to check to see if there is some announcement makes it clear they don't even know who the hell works there anymore. There website still says that hot piece of ass Rhiannon Ally still works there.......I used to actually hope for traffic accidents to see more of her........she has been gone to bigger and better things for months now. What do I think? They don't want to know.


Anonymous said...

the entire channel 5 station needs to go bye bye. I like Dana but that channel is so annoying

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Dana and she is ornery in real life! Good call!