Monday, April 5, 2010

Green Acres is now officially just Overland Park

I've written about this several times. It is nice to see that money doesn't always get you exactly what you want.

This is basically about people who like to be within a couple minutes of everything but still live in what they would call the country. other words.........put the Walmart in your Golden Ghetto neighborhood and I'll stop by when I need some milk but leave us rich people with 20+ acre estates alone. They are used to being entitled. They actually think they can stop development but they can't. Development will push further south it is just a question of if it will be well planned and with the appropriate infrastructure to support it. The county is not equipped for that kind of thing..........cities are. Overland Park was deemed in the best position to handle and manage this growth.....and a judge basically backed up the Johnson County Commission's decision.

When you put emotion aside I understand them trying to fight it but it just doesn't make any sense. The county isn't in a position to provide services like police and fire not to mention zoning, permits and well planned development. When the county provides it all of us in Johnson County pay for it and when they are part of Overland Park then OP taxpayers pay for it. I guess this middle rich guy can't feel sorry for these really rich people who just want to have it all their own way.

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