Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday's Best Wine of the Week......on Saturday

Well, it is a little late but here is the best wine I had for the week........this one might be tough for you pick up at a local store.

1985 Delaforce Port.

Cost: If you can find it expect to pay about $80 a bottle.

Port is awesome. Old port is even more awesome.

Vintage port is cool in that when they get when they get a little age on them like this one they really soften up and they start to lose some color. Of course it is sweet and rich with some spice and cedar along with blackberries and still some nice tannins. Lush.

Final Note: Delaforce is what some would call a secondary Porto producer. The top tier is Graham, Taylor, Fonseca, Dow and Quinta de Noval. They are often extremely pricey. Port is not made every year as a "vintage" but instead only given such a designation in the very best years and at the discretion of the producer. On average there is usually 2-3 declared vintages per decade. Old port is special but it needs to have stored well. It needs to be decanted because it will have tons of sediment in it. It is an amazing way to end an evening with good friends.


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