Friday, April 2, 2010

Hopefully the Penultimate Post on Andrew Osman's campaign

No promises but I hope to have just one more post on this subject. I have another question.......that I'm sure Mr. Osman won't answer.

This article by Linda Cruse has some interesting tidbits. Mr. Osman is discouraged that business is leaving Leawood for other communities.

Mr. Osman owns ARO Real Estate.

ARO Real Estate is located in Prairie Village. If Mr. Osman is such a huge fan of business in Leawood why wouldn't he locate his business here? Couldn't ARO Real Estate operate in Leawood just as easily as Prairie Village? This isn't a big deal to me because I in fact operate a business in another JOCO town except that he is claiming that a reason he is running is because of this amazing departure of Leawood business to other communities. I'd like to see a short list.

By contrast Dr. Peppes, his opponent for Ward 1, has operated a business as a dentist in Leawood for 25 years.

AND........Mr. Osman continues to show his lack of knowledge of even current business in front of city council. He says he would put city projects like an aquatics and recreation center on hold while the city is faced with difficult economic issues. In fact, to my knowledge there was only a study regarding citizen interest and feasibility conducted regarding a community center. The current council agrees with Mr. Osman and there currently aren't any plans for a new community center with an aquatic center. There isn't a location or even a plan for such a facility. Mr. Osman......there isn't a project to put on hold. You oppose something that just doesn't exist!

I'm just not sure where this guy is coming from. Maybe he should get involved in a few committees for the city and learn what the hell is going on?


Anonymous said...

Ouch. I guess if Osman wins you'll have lots to write about for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

What the L will you write about after April 6th when he loses?