Friday, April 2, 2010

KCK Trumps Blue Valley in Ideas

Who would have thunk it?

While everyone was waiting around for brilliant Blue Valley to tip their hand on how to handle the budget shortfall the KCK district trumped them with one of the best ideas.

Blue Valley proposes cutting elementary music and middle school sports while adding 1 to 2 kids to each class while KCK proposes that any non teacher, para, aide making over $67,000 take a pay cut of 3% to 5% reports Dawn Bormann in the KC Star today.

Well done Cynthia Lane...incoming Superintendent of KCK Schools.

While nobody wants to take a pay cut many of us have suffered reduced income through lower sales, commissions, bonuses, etc. Asking administrators to give a little during this tough time seems like a great approach...........if not symbolically but also practically.

KCK says their move will save almost a half a million bucks. I wonder if Blue Valley making the same move would be enough to save music and French? Or maybe just add one kiddo per class instead of two?

KCK is also looking at a one day furlough option. I personally like this idea as well. If you told me I could take an extra Friday--just without pay..........I'd be all over it. Especially if it meant others not losing their jobs and that we could keep important programs. Also it is one of the easiest things to undo once things in the budget improve. It sends a strong message. Obama would love it.

I guess when you are used to living without you get used to it and learn to be not only creative but thoughtful. In Blue Valley we freak out when we hear there isn't enough to go through the line twice let alone once.

Okay Dr. Trigg...........the ball is smacked back into your court. Forehand or back hand?

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Anonymous said...

i agree w/u, but cutting salaries pisses ppl off

Anonymous said...

It isn't fun at all but we've all had to do with less.....why not administrators too?