Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tony has sex with his mom. I have proof.

I have a kick ass tipster who has apparently connected all the dots and exposed something really freaking weird.

Tony Botello of the famous blog, Tony's Kansas City, always talks about living in his mom's basement but apparently that was just a euphemism for a closely guarded secret until today.

If true, and I have no reason not to believe it based on these pictures I am completely grossed out. Allegedly, Tony has been involved in a sexual relationship with his mom for years.

I emailed Tony last night to give him a chance to respond before posting this and as of right now no email has hit the old inbox. Maybe he is busy with his mom's inbox?

I shot Darla Jaye a message via Facebook and she says if true she will distance herself from Kansas City's most prominent blogger.

I'll admit it brings me little joy bringing this news to you about one of my bloggy friends but when you are chasing traffic and hits you have to take what you can get. Thanks for the tipster who sent me the lead!

Tony, I hope you'll get the help you need. I'm not even sure I can blog anymore after this.

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