Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Post on Osman....probably not.

I was hopeful that an Osman loss last night meant just a recap of election results and then no more Andrew Osman.

Very sadly Andrew Osman defeated Greg Peppes for Leawood Ward 1 City Council last night in what looked like a pretty close race. None of the other wards were contested.

Osman ran a campaign full of inconsistencies and avoided questions only this blog seemed to care to ask. However, it is clear he worked hard covering lots of ground and knocking on lots of doors. That is what it takes to win. His website highlighted as much and that is admirable.

I'm concerned that outside of the planning and zoning department this man has no idea how or what the city does or how it does it. He has never served on single board of committee of the city that I can see. He can learn it. He'll have to and quickly or he will look really stupid. He'll have to learn that the city isn't responsible for schools as he stated was a priority for him on his website.

We can only hope he learns to use the "recuse" often when his developer friends have business in front of the city. Even though it probably isn't a direct conflict in the strict sense of the word it will be slimy.

It was a weird year. Very low turnout. I think that Osman probably wanted it a little more than Peppes because in the record and on the issues Peppes is was clearly the better candidate. The turnout was less than 1,000 voters. Osman says on his website that he touched over 4,500 voters and got 532 votes. Democracy at work.

So, this probably isn't the last post on "Old Leawood" Osman. We'll see how it goes. I can't honestly say this is a diaster for Leawood. He is only one vote.

You know what it also says............there are about 501 people in "Old Leawood" that don't read this dump of a blog.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is a very low turnout for voting for something so important! Sad people don't take time to really educate themselves before they vote.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, I thought Peppes would win. I guess we'll see what this Osman does.

Anonymous said...

maybe cause you were so mean to him people felt sorry for the little bugger?

Anonymous said...

Let the corruption by developers begin. Sad day in Leawood. It starts with one. You should pull his contribution records.

Anonymous said...

I think people with common sense knew Peppes was the best choice and assumed he'd win so they thought their vote wasn't important. That's what you get when you assume something. Think about it: ass u me! Leawood lost an invaluable leader due to ignorance.