Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Wine Events!

Don't worry I'll still do a wine pick tomorrow. I also want to point out that Spring is pure gluttony for wine lovers and charity wine events.

I'm on a bunch of email blasts for wine events and of course there is except you have to wade through all the self promotion of shitty local wineries and small wine shops providing a tasting every freaking Saturday. Why can't they limit them to like one posting a month or something like that. Bullshit. None the are some events that have my attention or just too big to ignore. I started putting some of these on my calendar and thought holy crap there are a bunch coming up.

April 8: American Cancer Society Shave to Save. Says it is a wine tasting and auction. I went last year and didn't see much of a wine focus but it was fun. Moved to Berg Event Space this year. I thought I was attending but if it is tonight......yikes.

April 15: First Downs for Down Syndrome 7th Annual Private Cellar Wine Tasting and Auction. Featuring Doug Frost. Shook, Hardy & Bacon. Former Chiefs players attend. All wine and food related auction makes it the best for real wine and food lovers and Chiefs fans. I'm going to try to attend.

April 16: Outpouring of Hope Wine Extraveganza. Community Services League. Blue Springs. Featuring a tasting with Doug Frost on how to taste wine blind. Looks interesting but the auction is mostly non-wine stuff like most auctions. Probably won't go if I go to the one the day before.

April 18: Blue Valley Educational Foundation Wine Tasting: "Wines of the World". Trezo Vino. Says wine tasting and silent auction. I might try attend. Sunday at 4:30...what else am I doing?

April 29: Corks and Forks. 14th Annual for Harvesters. Probably the largest in town. Has moved to the Convention Center from Union Station. I hate this event now. Too big. Not for real wine lovers. Good cause though. No charm at the convention center.

May 8: St. Joseph Medical Center Foundation Healthy Food & Good Wine. Pretty cool Iron Chef competition and since Somerset is a sponsor I can assume plenty o' Kansas wine to drink and taste? I can't find much on the format of the tasting. Maybe more to come.......

May 27th: March of Dimes Wine Fest. Union Station. This is a pretty good one but becoming much like Corks and Forks.....too damn big means pedestrian wine. I'll probably attend this one because it is such a beautiful venue.

Isn't that freaking amazing? I bet there are some I don't even know about.......JOCOeveryman would give you a free plug (and probably a good word) for a comp ticket :-)


Anonymous said...

First Downs event is great but its same day as TAX DAY/TEA party at the Wizards Stadium dont tread on me!!

Anonymous said...

I like wine tastings....especially when I get free tickets. Need a date?

Anonymous said...

Wow a lot of fun events. I love the First Downs event. Great event, well organized, great cause. Hope to make it there again this year for fun and wine!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I went to Shave to Save last night and it is just alright. Pretty typical of those kinds of deals. Either you are really involved and an insider or you are just someone paying to hang out on a Thursday night.

JOCOeveryman said...

If anyone would like to review these other events please send me an email or comment. It might be fun to have some feedback on them.

Anonymous said...

I just had to comment on your heading. I grew up in Johnson County, I also left as soon as I turned 18. I remember calling it the "Golden Ghetto" as well. Are we native Johnson Countians the only people who call it that, and do we only refer to it that way amongst ourselves? Because in all my time on the Missouri side, most of them don't seem to be familiar with the moniker; and if I inform them, they seem confused as to why I would refer to JOCO that way. For real, what a surreal universe. JOCO-ians don't know how to look out, and outsiders can't really know how things are in.