Friday, April 9, 2010

Fabulous Wine Friday!

Yea........the weather is supposed to be great this weekend. The Bo Sox are in town to beat up on the Royals and I see the weekend patio home happy hours starting.

Home Happy Hour? That is what JOCO parents with kids do. You don't want to have a party and you don't want to get a sitter so you have over the neighbors or parents of your kid's friends. You sit around and have a couple glasses of wine and then head home for dinner.

So what are you gonna drink?

I had a good one this week.

My pick for the week is Chateau D' Aqueria 2008 Tavel.

Yep. Rose. How often can you say you drank the best of something in the world for about $15 bucks? This isn't some $3000 bottle of first growth bordeaux or a cult california cab. This is by reputation the best producer of rose wine from the most famous region for making rose.

Rose is super hip among wine snobs. It ISN'T like White Zinfandel. The color is like pink coral and the flavors are bright, ripe raspberries and with crisp acidity. The wine is dry. It tastes awesome on a warm, sunny afternoon on the patio with friends............I'm usually imagining myself on the coast of the French Riviera at an outdoor cafe watching smelly French people stroll by......... I really love this wine and I really love rose. You will too this summer. Drink it chilled. It is extremely versatile and goes with lots of food as long as they aren't too heavily seasoned.

I know if you haven't had it you are really gonna struggle to put it in the basket and head to the check out with your manhood intact. Just do it. Hold your head high knowing you ARE IN THE KNOW! It isn't like holding your wife's purse in a bar. You will have instant cred with the wine shop guy but if you must throw a couple of your favorite $50 Cabs in the basket too and you'll be fine.

Final Thought: Tavel is a region in France's Loire Valley and the only such region allowed to make ONLY rose you know it is good. They use Grenache which is a grape that is catching on as a big red as well.....especially from Spain where they call it Granacha. Lots of places like to make rose and often winemakers will make a little and sell it from the winery only where it sells well. Winemakers love rose. Spain, Australia.........and good old California all make some great rose from all different types of grapes like Syrah, Grenache and Pinot Noir. Oh, one last thing........when buying rose VINTAGE is important in that these wines DO NOT age well. They are meant to be consumed young so when given the choice when I go to the wine shop I cull it down to everything on current vintage....youngest and then pick from there. I wouldn't buy anything older than 2008 right now. Cheers. Enjoy!

Vaya Con Dios.


Anonymous said...

Home Happy Hours actually sound like fun and I don't even have kids. May have to try this out with the neighbors. Although not sure how fun that will be as most of my are a little on the older side...

Anonymous said...

I cant have a happy hour at home because im reminded of the chores and unfinished projects around the house but goodluck!