Monday, April 12, 2010

To the Victor go the Spoils.........

Barack Obama voted against the confirmation of John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Further regarding Alito, he voted for a failed filibuster attempt by sore loser John Kerry. Two people who have stellar legal reputations and clearly deserved to be confirmed and in which a good number of his Democratic colleagues voted to confirm. Yet he thought it important to be a partisan political player instead of someone "coming across political boundaries to get things done for the American people".

People have a short memory about such things. I would guess that Barack Obama will feel that he deserves to be treated differently now that he is the one making the nominations. People don't understand that when he says he wants to change the way Washington operates.......he was one of the principal operators of that broken system.

You might be shocked by my next thought. Provided his nominee isn't unqualified like Harriet Miers, the nominee should be confirmed without delay beyond normal examination.

Conservatives need to change the tone. Liberals never will. We need to regain the high ground. I believe just as strongly as when George Bush was President that regarding judicial nominees that to the victor go the spoils. This is the price we pay for letting Obama get elected. This frankly is what keeps everything in balance. His pick of a qualified liberal will do more to activate the base of conservatives in the country than even Obamacare. It really will. Conservatives should question this nominee and point out in critical detail that this nominee is very liberal and then say simply, "This nominee is liberal but qualified and thus the President should have his nominee".

And when we retake the White House...........and we will............we will have a record of supporting their nominee and taking the high road. It is the right thing to do. It is the way the system was intended to work.

Obama doesn't deserve such consideration because of the way he acted as a Senator but we should give it to him anyway.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

I agree with you. In fact, Republicans have a record of doing just this with Stevens and even Ginsberg, the latter an ACLU lawyer (choke).

Free State Correspondent said...

I like your spirit! We will take back the White House!