Thursday, May 20, 2010

This weekend as a dude I would think the place to try to hang around is the Just For Her Expo.

It seems like what all the joco milfs are a chatter about. I'm not sure MAWGs (Middle Aged White Guys) will stand much of a chance but you know what they where the fish are.

I've seen signs up all over town. People are talking about it. The site looks like they have a great lineup of activities and events...if you are a chick........not sure about the the kids pavilion........I would think this is a leave the kids with the baby daddy type thing and go over with the bffs, drink and get caddy and do stuff with strange men. Tickets are less than $10. What a bargain.

My guess is Friday evening will be more fun and end up being a girls night out. Maybe the nearby bars will be the place to be.

Apparently, the Her Life magazine is kicking the you know what out of the Old White Lady on the cover every month, Flourish, as the more interesting and hip woman's magazine of Kansas City and they are the one's behind this event. Flourish is the tired same old thing......yes, I've read it for years (always know what the competition is doing and thinking) but I'm finding that if you really want to know Her Life is quickly becoming it.

I wonder if Patrica Lightner and Stephene Moore will be there......wouldn't be a bad idea.

If you see a guy in fake glasses/moustache get up.......well definitely say hello......but be very quiet......we are hunting rabbit.

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