Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best Day of Her Life. EVER. Mine is still to come.

Most of you I think get the general idea of this blog. I pick fly shit out of pepper about something that has caught my interest....anything really......because it is so sojoco to insert your own wisdom into other's stupidity or pain.

So last night I picked up my copy of Leawood Lifestyle and see it is the Summer Bridal issue (yawn). I start by skimming over the editor's letter from Lisa Harrison.

She writes about her wedding day being the best day of her life. Shit. I mean I've heard that before but it just hit me upside the head like Stacy Koon's nightstick on Rodney King.

Is it really a woman's most important day? I understand the whole growing up dreaming of the wedding, the church you grew up in, blah, blah, prince charming, blah blah but your most important day? Ladies, is this a universal truth?

If it is true then it is. I'm not slamming Lisa Harrison. I should be thanking her for helping me finally understand it after 20 years of marriage. If it is...........I am proclaiming it possibly being one of the saddest truths of human civilization with the second that instant replay could have fixed Galarraga's almost perfect game yesterday.

I can't imagine the best day in my life coming in my early 20's. That is like Office Space. That might be effed up.

I don't want all women to think I'm a cave man but I'm going to call it straight and strong here like cask strength whiskey. I might speak for all guys. While my wedding day was great it probably only barely makes the top 5.

Things that might rank higher than my wedding day:

  1. Children's birth: An amazing and surreal experience. Definitely number one.

  2. First Real Job: Sorry but yes. I think getting that first real job offer or promotion and realizing you are gonna make it out of your parents house and make them proud.

  3. 10th Anniversary: I don't know but I just realized at this point I've got a good marriage and a good life.

  4. Losing Virginity: That was a pretty big deal.......if only a few seconds :-)

  5. Jayhawks Win 2008 National Championship: Okay...that's a joke. Not really.

  6. Moment 5: I'm saving for the future.

Saving moment 5 is really my entire point. It is the big point not the other things I've arbitrarily put on the list. There are some other personal moments that were pretty good too that I won't share. God, I hope I haven't had my best day yet. That was a good one but really, I was so immature, so young, I really am amazed I got it right. I my age shouldn't I be looking forward to several moments better than my wedding day?

Is it really your best day? Face it. Most of you aren't greeting Brad Pitt at the take that most important walk of your life and your dad hands you off to a goof like me......or Will Ferrell. And really.....this clip which is really well put together says it all.


I Travel for JOOLS said...

I've had several best days of my life including the one I woke up alive to after a major operation. But, when you're a 20 something with sparkling new diamonds, visions of that big new house you can't really afford in SoJoCo, and a guy with washboard abs who sweeps you off your feet, well, it's probably Pandora for the airheads among us.

Anonymous said...

It was one of the best days of my life next to the day I bought my first outright car. Maybe my second wedding will be the best day?

JOCOeveryman said...

Good comments on this post. Thanks. JOOLS and Jayne....glad to see you both! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Never been married but I would hope that getting married wouldn't be the best day of my life! I agree that first "real" job was a pretty good moment among others.