Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Airport? Ridiculuous.

I was finally getting to the paper last night late and was reading the front page story on difficulties at KCI.

Okay Mr. Government worker..........let's put our thinking caps on for a second. Business is down. Reportedly way down and going to get worse due to consolidation as airlines get more efficient and costs go up. What does Mr. Government worker say we need?

A new airport. You know like Indy just built for a BILLION dollars. He says don't worry though cause most of it (75%) will come from the FAA (read federal dollars) and bonds funded by airport revenue. I realize they tried to dupe us with a lead about consolidating from three to one terminal but did you notice how quickly it really became about building a new airport? Nice try.

Hello. Mr. Dip Shit Government worker. All that money is our money. When business is bad you don't build new you make do especially if building new won't change the economic landscape. He pointed out that the current facility is inefficient and was built for a different era. On the other hand travelers like me LOVE the current airport. It ranks number one in customer satisfaction for its size. If you have ever lived in another major city and had to get to the airport 3 hours before your flight you might appreciate it too.

Going to one, maybe two.....or keeping them all open.....I don't care. If building a new airport won't increase air traffic, ie. bring more business and money then don't do it. It is unlikely that there are enough "efficiencies gained" to offset the cost.

I like how he says basically, "Hey, there ain't no government manual on this one so I don't know what to do!" I bet the private sector could figure it out and I sure with private money there would be no new airport. I'm sure they would make do with the old one just fine.

People in sojoco planned our pretty little suburban lives around the idea that we can bop up to the airport, short term park and sprint into the terminal and hop a plane to Cabo at a moment's notice. Don't eff that up.


Anonymous said...

I was bummed when they took 30min parking away... so now I just circle.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Great post--I must say, the Indy airport is beautiful :-)

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I'm getting a bit sick of this spending craze we seem to be on and I'm also a bit sick of the fat paychecks and pensions that govt workers get too.

We don't need no stinking new airport

PFL0W said...

Two things we agree on:

Wine is fantastic (maybe even important) and

Kansas City in no way needs a new, reconstructed airport.

I can't even believe they came up with that 2nd one.

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