Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scherer Has Officially Jumped the Shark. I endorse Yoder.

I have been busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger lately. I feel bad that I haven't written more. Really. I hope both people who read will forgive me. Maybe you needed a break too?

Anyway........I hate it that so many good sojoco blog topics whizzed past while I couldn't get the time to get to the computer but if you thought I was going to let Tom Scherer's party switch-er-oooo---redux---you are allegedly even more nuts than Tom (I allege). Am I being punked?

I wrote this before as part of a bigger post quite awhile ago but I believe as whole heartedly as William Hung believes he can sing that Tom Scherer is absolutely obsessed with running for (and losing) the 3rd District. What would you call that? What kind of mania is that? Congressionalania? Thirddistrictialoserepeatedlyamania? I dunno.

What I do know is this.......Tom can sell everything he owns including every baseball card he has ever tried to buy on ebay and every nickel he has never gotten from threatening to sue the world and throw it at running for the Third Congressional district and he will still lose. I think Tom MUST know this. But the nomination? VERY possible if we all work together like Howard Stern pushing Sanjaya. I mean it. Get it? Let's make the geek homecoming king if only for just a night.

Tom, all us still residing in the GOP are cheering for you. Really. Give Stephene hell. If you get a debate with her I want a front row ticket. Oddly he might have a point in that he will obviously do better just getting the protest Democratic vote. I want to be the first one to officially endorse Tom Scherer for the Democratic nomination for the 3rd Congressional District. I want to see that win. I might even contribute.

I will say he writes some very funny stuff and I definitely think it is must read. When I saw this....seriously.......I thought I was being punked. I had to check to make sure it wasn't April 1st. I was looking for Ashton Kusher to pop out at any moment.

What comes after "jumping the shark".....hell........not even Happy Days had the balls to try to overcome that one.

And while I'm at it for 3rd District politics I guess I'll end any further anticipation from my friends in the GOP and endorse Kevin Yoder.
Yoder will win the GOP nomination and I predict get an easy win against Scherer in the general. I like that he is young and will in all likelihood hold the seat for many years. I accept that he might have been a little liberal in his youth but it seems plausible that one evolves in their politics as they start to pay taxes. Yoder is clearly the best choice and the safe choice. Yoder is a legit fiscal conservative.
He has stated his core priorities which I completely agree with regarding waste and deficit spending. That is what this election is about. Sending someone to Washington who will try to rein in the spending of our grand kids cash. I encourage you to support Kevin Yoder as well.
What do you think? Yoder v Scherer? I like the sound of it.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy....there you go.

I Travel for JOOLS said...

I think Yoder too.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Thanks for the shout out ;-)