Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Free Email Snobbery???

Awhile back I noticed a comment from a friend, er, uh reader I didn't understand about my blog's hotmail email address. I didn't think much of it.

I mean who gives a shit which free email account you use, right? I spend less than 2 minutes a day, er, a week on it.........most of us have an actual corporate email accounts that take up way too much of our time as it is, right? has the word "hot" in it....gotta be good.

Anyhoo.......I read something about it on Sinic's blog that she got from Cara and I got to thinking....shit man am I really missing something important here? Apparently not. But even if I was.........I'm not sure I was..........I mean hotmail still works great for Tom Scherer threats and propositions from chunky 40 something joco housewives who think I'm smart and apparently sexy even though they don't know what I look like.
If you want to join them.........I'm still at :-)


Bill the Painter said...

Can you forward the emails from the 40-something women? They could be a lot of fun! ;)

Even though I have a corporate email account....send them to my Gmail shows I know my way around a computer.

Why don't I get emails like that.....

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Oh JE, you're so clever. The only difference I see in your linky here is that Hotmail allows for larger attachments. Most email servers have a 10-20 Meg cap on email they can send and/or receive. Good in theory, terrible in real life.

Google, FTW.