Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tiahrt v Moran.....getting saucy

Yes, I'm still blogging. Yes, I was serious that I am willing to let someone take this dump of a blog over. Just to be say the blog is for sale was a joke....cause it would be free.

Until then.....I'll keep blogging. Probably nastier than ever.

For those watching the Kansas Senate race, which really will be determined in the primary, it is getting very saucy.

Negative stuff is flying. Both are trying to prove they are most conservative by saying the other is more liberal.

I've actually been a little perplexed that T-hard-on is getting the far right support and that he is still losing so badly. There is a change happening in Kansas Republican politics. Guys like Lance Kinzer are supporting him and he is perhaps the most conservative person I've ever met. It seems like he has captured the extreme pro-life support in a race where there is very little difference really in the positions of the two candidates. Really, they are more alike than different on the issues. It saddens me that people like Sarah Palin endorses T-hard-on too. I'm guessing Fred Phelps is for T-hard-on too.

The only difference I can see is integrity and common sense AND one guy who is grounded in Kansas and another who spends most of his time in Washington. I like the guy who hasn't forgotten from where he comes. I like the guy who looks forward to coming home.

I hate to be direct but Tiahrt looks like a guy who fucks interns. I'm just saying.

I'm ultra liberal friends mock me and call me Rush when they are drunk. I like to party with them except they think everyone else should pay for their drinks.....and they aren't hot. Stupid eh? Hot people deserve free drinks, don't you think? Ugly people pay up.

Yesterday, I had my Moran sign delivered and placed in front yard by a handy little campaign worker. My only time send a cute hottie. On a side note.....Jesus.....Mr. Tiahrt can you please tell you people to stop polluting our public spaces with your signs? Seriously.......does it help you for the median up and down Nall to be a big supporter?

My conservo-meter is as finely tuned as my gay-dometer (not that it matters cause I love gay people).....but I can pick'em. I can pick a fake conservative at 500 feet. Jerry Moran is a true, real, common sense conservative. He probably is the ideal Kansas conservative.

I am supporting Jerry Moran. I know most of you are too. Be proud. Moran will represent us well.

Okay....completely off the my dumb ass neighbors............4th of July is long past. Will you please stop it with the fireworks. Damn....I'm trying to put my kids to bed.


Anonymous said...

T Hard on? hahahaah!

Anonymous said...

true dat.......and funny. Glad you are still writing.

Bill the Painter said...

I was calling him Tiaprty, but I like your name a WHOLE lot better!

I couldn't agree more with your assessment!

Anonymous said...

A little crude but very funny. Don't have a dog in this fight but bloggers will be bloggers.

Clearly meant more for humor than seriousness....right?

Anonymous said...

I am happy to see that politics and wine keep you writing. Your faithful reader-
JY in WI

Anonymous said...

Trash. You should know better.

Anonymous said...

I see your point. Good stuff.