Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It has been a good run......This blog is for sale....cheap.

This blog has been tons of fun. I've actually kept it going WAY longer than I ever thought.

I still have plenty on my mind just no time to get it down and hit the post button. I just can't keep it up on a consistent basis. I thought election season would inspire me. I noticed signs from people I didn't even know were running....and I follow this crap. Anyway.....Tiahrt seems to be getting some momentum but the outcome seems defined for JOCO and I'm more than comfortable with it. Yoder will win the 3rd and Moran will be our next Senator and is there any doubt that Brownback with be the Gov for 2 terms or possibly one with another run for President.

Anyway.......I've decided to end my regular postings on this blog. Some of you (should I say both of you) have been very loyal readers and I really appreciate that you were interested in anything I've had to write.
There are so many really good local blogs. SOB, Sinic, and Tony: you certainly inspired me and there are so many other really good bloggers as well....too many to name. Thank you for supporting me when Tom wanted to kill me :-) and for the encouragement. I'll keep reading.

I want to thank everyone who has read and contributed so much over the years.

So, seriously, if you or someone you know might want to take over as the voice of Jocoeveryman....or woman I guess for that matter let me know. It is isn't very technical. If you can write an email you can manage a blog. It isn't technically for sale but I'd be happy to hand it over to someone who wants to take a crack at it.

Send me an email at jocoeveryman@hotmail.com if you are interested.
You can have it all for one low, low price.
Assets include:
1 Facebook account with about 200 friends (more than most of you wankers)
1 Twitter account
1 email account (jocoeveryman@hotmail.com)
1 blog


SOB said...

You silly bastard. Are you pulling a Favre?

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

can you hear that?

My heart just broke.

Well Hell Michelle said...

Gotta say I've enjoyed your posts over the years, and I'm sad to see you go...

Well Hell Michelle said...

Gotta say I've enjoyed your posts over the years, and I'm sad to see you go...

Anonymous said...

Ah no more blogging :( I am sad as I have enjoyed reading your blog and always fun to see what you posted! I have been uninspired as well lately so can understand. Hope all is ok.

Anonymous said...

what a great blog. I'll miss reading you.

PFL0W said...

I know, it's like "do I keep blogging or I get back to making a real living, especially now since the economy has gone to hell in a handbasket?"

good luck,

Mo Rage

I Travel for JOOLS said...

Blogging seems to be going the way of the family farm in the KC area lately.

Well, as I write this, I'm watching my black neighbor who just got pulled over by the cops a few hundred feet from her house (in front of my house) on a semi-rural road. She could not have been speeding...and she's as upstanding a person as they come ... better not be because she's black.. ..

If I had a blog right now ....

Anonymous said...