Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I can't idiot.

Okay, while I'm looking for a new owner to take over this dump of a blog I guess I can keep it going......right?

When I first heard that Toplikar was in the race for Johnson County Commission Chair I thought it really must be a joke. Shouldn't abject stupidity be a parole violation????

Nope. It is true.

Gladly, it seems like nobody is taking his candidacy seriously. Except Kansas Progress which thinks that asking a bunch of conservatives if they want a more conservative candidate means that Toplikar has an opening. It was an interesting read but maybe they should have asked specifically if people would prefer a stupid conservative over Eilert or Surbaugh.

How incredibly ironic would it be to have Cal Hayden and Toplikar on the same Board?

It reminds me of The Hangover. It isn't technically illegal to be as stupid as John Toplikar it is just frowned upon like............... masturbating on an airplane.....maybe since 9-11 when everyone got so sensitive....thanks alot Bin Laden.

Has anyone spotted any of the fancy home made wooden signs Toplikar used to put up all over Olathe? I haven't. Maybe he will use some old Hayden signs and cover them up with construction paper and write Toplikar on know he still has some he stole in that fancy van from the Youtube video.


PFL0W said...

hey, what can I say but THAT IS ONE GREAT ENTRY.

Glad he's not running for office over here in Missouri.

Mo Rage
the blog

Anonymous said...

Who is dumb enough to steal signs in broad daylight?? That is what your campaign staff is for - kidding.