Monday, July 12, 2010

We're #7

Who makes the best "best places to live" list? God knows there are as many of them out there as empty champagne bottles in Lindsay Lohan's trash can.

Yahoo makes another attempt today. You can read it here. They list the 10 best places to live in America.......mostly based on unemployment rates and cost of living.

Overland Park is listed at #7 and in the process takes it right back by saying what is really wrong with the place. There is effing nothing to do here. It is cheap. It is clean. Great. That would be fantastic if I needed to hire a whore but for where I live? The unemployment rate is about half of that of the country........which would be almost everywhere if we could exclude third world Detroit from our numbers. Can't we give them to Canada??

They list schools and a bitching good new soccer complex as amenities we love. Gawd. How dull.

They list Eden Prairie, MN as #1. I spent a week there one day. It is just as boring as Johnson County. I talked to a twenty something dude there and he told me he had never been downtown Minneapolis....and he grew up in Eden Prairie. Sounds just like OP.

Leawood isn't on the list because rich people like us don't want to be on such lists. It is so middle class. We'd prefer you not even know how to get here. Let them eat their cake.


PFL0W said...

and then there's this, from the article: "Other draws include a 300-acre arboretum and botanical garden, a biweekly farmers' market..."

Okay, I haven't been to the arboretum and didn't know they have a botanical garden (let alone go to it) but a "biweekly farmers' market"?

Are you kidding me?

And that's to get them on the list?

Mo Rage

SOB said...

Worst retirement ever.

Radioman KC said...

put an ad in the paper down in Nuevo Lerado that there are lots of landscaping jobs and then open up a tent barrio. This is really good news about OP!

One thing that I know DIDn't contribute is how it takes forever to get across town because there's a 2 minute left turn light every quarter mile! Ya can't hardly grab lunch during a lunch HOUR.

Anonymous said...

Hey you are still blogging!