Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Rare Endorsement of a Democrat.......Pay Attention

I think Tom Scherer is finally making some sense especially when he refers to himself in the third person.

I have been a big fan of Tom as a Democrat. I know what you are thinking. I've been a little hard on the man over the past couple years and there must sarcasm dripping all over the keyboard, right? Nope. Tom is the best man to represent Democrats in this election. Period.

I know some Democrats read this blog.

Next week is the Primary election and Democrats have an important choice in the 3rd District. Stephene Moore or Tom Scherer. You know you can't support Stephene Moore, right?

Tom has more experience running for Congress than anyone I've ever seen. While Tom didn't make it as a professional baseball player he could do this job. Tom brings a remarkably simple minded approach to government. I'd love to see Nancy Pelosi stumping for Tom Scherer.

I mean it. If you are registered as a Democrat I urge you to vote for Tom Scherer and he has the Democratic endorsement from this blog.

By the way........can somebody give Tom a ride to some campaign events?


PFL0W said...

oh yeah.

dripping, dripping sarcasm.

well done.

Mo Rage

Anonymous said...

I should have thought to switch parties so I could vote for him. Rats.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

I think I love you