Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Simple Truths of Service Movie

A friend sent this to me. It was not only very touching know made me think about how I can make a difference in my customer's lives and how to be a leader.

The Simple Truths of Service The Simple Truths of Service Movie

I, too, went to this grocery store to obtain Johnny's wisdom and encouragement.

Thought I'd share some of the "Thoughts of the Day" found in the bottom of my grocery bag. I guess these were the days he made them up.

"Don't sit by Jimmy Clark in the break room. He eats his boogers"

"Cindy the Checker has a nice rack"

"If you get poop on your hand when wiping DON'T wipe it on your pants. It will stink."

"If Tom the Manager catches you stealing candy he makes you become his special friend"

"Don't tell Mr. Siptek that his wife usually gets the other kind of condoms when she is in with his brother. It makes him cry"

"Don't ask John Toplikar if he wants paper or plastic. Just pick for him cuz it holds up the line for like an hour."

But this one was the best.........

"I'll bag your groceries cuz I have to but if you want me to carry them to your car you better give me a tip next time or I'm busting the fuck out of your eggs and smashing your bread! Get it?"

Of course I'm just kidding. Cool story. We could all learn something.


Anonymous said...

on the edge of being inappropriate but that is what makes it funny. Well done.

Anonymous said...

and to think you didn't wanna blog anymore-you are just as funny as ever!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha post I've read today.

Anonymous said...

I like these posts best....when you are funny.

Anonymous said...

a different spin on it for sure. Good post.

Bill the Painter said...

Words of Wisdom:

When Tom Scherer is in your line, it's time for a break. When you leave, he will be waiting at your house for you.