Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Toplikar Gets Worthless Endorsement

Rarely am I at a loss for words. Rare. ly.

This endorsement from the Hope for American Coalition stopped me and left me speechless.

Of course, a group with no swag, no money, and no influence isn't really much to be concerned with except that I too am a firm believer in limited government, less spending, less borrowing....really much of what this group believes except that I believe that along with that ethics and morals you should actually be intellectually capable of doing the job.

It doesn't shock me at all that they endorse Todd Tiahrt. He has been successful at courting the ultra extreme right because he is perceived as "more" right to life than Jerry Moran. Okay, nothing if not predictable.

After that it gets weird quickly. They endorse my second favorite whipping boy, John Toplikar, for Johnson County Chair. Still the Dwight Schrute of Johnson County Politics. I guess in Olathe where the Nazarene's rule (although Toplikar is a Catholic) not only do ethics and morals not matter but apparently being criminally stupid is okay too. I know many people don't have time for County or City meetings but I've sat through my share. I've watched John Toplikar time and time again demonstrate his stupidity and ignorance. It is legendary in Olathe among those in the know. Then of course is his budding sense that the rules don't apply to him as revealed with the sign stealing which if rewarded with an election victory would make this idiot feel bullet proof. His actions, caught on camera, were both criminally stupid and ethically effete. Endorsing a person like that undermines the credibility of all the rest of the endorsements. Check out his website. You might even like the typo's. How many can you find? I love the slogan. "Of the People, By the People, For the People of Johnson County." Nice.....It sounds a little familiar to me though...........pretty creative throwing the JOCO on the end. You can volunteer by sending him an email at johntoplikar@gmail.com. I didn't see an opportunity to help steal signs.....guess he is gonna still handle that himself.

Here are some moments I took the time to write about in the past.........thought you might enjoy.

And then there is this reported on Tony's Kansas City that I thought was funny in it's own way: either Toplikar isn't smarter than the voting machine OR even the voting machine knows he is a boob. Either way......it isn't good for Johnny.

They also endorse Daniel Gilyeat, while a good man, can't possibly win and they pass on the pop fly endorsement of Sam Brownback for Governor. Guess they are teaching him a lesson. Wonder what Old Sam did to disappoint them?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if you were like his cousin or something and he didn't even know you were doing this to him? Seeing the posts you've written about him over the years makes me think you are OCD about him.

Funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Toplikar is really an idiot. I hope he gets trounced on Aug. 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Your constant bashing of a good man is horrible. Are you a RINO? He is for small government, less taxes and pro-life and you bash him relentlessly. You should stop. People read your blog and listen to you.

Anonymous said...

This man is a joke and anyone who comes online to supports him merely needs to see the video of him picking signs. Smaller government?! Only if its his name in that smaller government. John Toplikar go find a job off the government dole.

Anonymous said...

Who can possibly support this idiot? Where are these people from?