Thursday, August 12, 2010

40 Winks

Ed currently operates an independent furniture store in Olathe called Forty Winks but not for long. It is over in West Olathe in a part of town most of us wouldn't consider the prime part of Johnson County. In fact, at face value it doesn't look like much of a business at all.

He has operated an honest business there for as long as I can remember and for as long as I can remember driving by there I would always see those ridiculous oversized (faded) plastic red and blue hands designed in to a chair. You know, like you are sitting the palm of someone's hand. I wish I could have bought those.

My mother is always one to patronize the little guy so we in fact shopped there many times. Contrary to the way the store looked from the outside Forty Winks had a full range of quality but I think he did his best helping people furnish their homes on a budget.

Ed McCabe was always there if we ever went in. He is a nice man perhaps looking a charactacure of a door to door encyclopedia salesman from an old TV show with a broom style mustache. Ed is a good man. I remember seeing him in tons of local theatre productions over the years. I'm not sure if he continues to act or not but he was huge in Olathe Community Theatre and the Barn Players to name just a couple and even a couple commercials over the years.

I'm sure business was tough but I'm also sure Ed is ready to retire. I'm sure there isn't much of a business to sell because well, the business there wasn't really furniture, it was certainly Ed McCabe. Forty Winks is closing her doors. He has been having a going out of business sale for the week or so. I saw a story on it on the news last night.

I write about it cause while Ed McCabe and I aren't friends I've felt like I've known him over the years and I want to wish him well. Second, I think it is symbolic of the continued passing of an era in American business in favor of mega stores and franchises. I won't lash out about the changing environment. It is what it is. It has good points and bad. More importantly.....he survived. Warren Buffet has nothing on Ed McCabe.

Well done Ed McCabe. Take a bow and make a curtain call. A fine performance indeed. Ask the stage manager to set out the glow light and get your butt to the cast party.


Anonymous said...

It's to bad a man with great integrity has to change his store model in the last few months. Prices are ridiculous. After all the great stories about the man the last few days and now the increased traffic in the store-- people will walk away feeling angy.

JOCOeveryman said...

Not sure what all that means. Ridiculous like cheap? I assume you mean not cheap and people were expecting a bargain.

I'll have to stop by and see what's up. I don't need any furniture right now so I wasn't planning on stopping in.