Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JOCO Schools Rule (8th place)

I saw this MSN Lifestyle piece this morning. A school ranking story is like a dog and a squirrel for us in JOCO. We just love hearing about our great schools. We may need to hire a PR company. We are slipping.............. we took 8th in midsize city category in this analysis and they combined Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission and Olathe. I guess if they would have excluded Olathe we would have ranked quite a bit know it is so close to Gardner and all.

Say what you want about the Golden Ghetto but we tend to get schools right.

Timing is good for the districts as they announce property tax increases. Be careful though School Board....there is very little tolerance for more taxes..........even in Johnson County for schools. You are on thin ice. My property taxes are already too high.



Anonymous said...

We are hypocrite conservatives when it comes to school in JOCO. Never seen a tax for schools that we haven't liked. When does that stop? Good post.

Anonymous said...

raising property taxes stink but I don't think they have much choice in this case.