Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rodeo Fun.

I had a great American experience last weekend. I went to a rodeo.

It was actually a very nice night. I had not been to a rodeo since I was like in high school maybe even junior high.

Rodeos have changed. The Sidney, Iowa rodeo had a video board and the stands were mostly full. I'd say 5,000 people.

I always thought this scene from Borat was funny but I didn't realize how funny until I went to the Sidney rodeo. The announcer and clowns took open shots at President Obama and liberals all night. Just watch it again. You know you'll laugh.


Bill the Painter said...

My Great Uncle used to be the Grand Marshall of that rodeo, not sure if he still is.

Not exactly my cup of tea!

Anonymous said...

Love the Sidney rodeo and love the "public announcements". Guns, the president, etc...All topics up for discussion.