Friday, August 13, 2010

And Here is Why......

That is why (since I was a new worker bee sales rep right out of college) you won't see me with a campaign sticker on my car or discussing politics at work or around customers. Around home and with my friends I am known as an unrelenting conservative with an eye toward being libertarian but at work I try to keep politics out of it.

I lost a nice piece of business when I was right out of school because I had a bumper sticker on my car and the account I called on didn't like it. I learned it can do nothing but hurt you. Especially in these times when the country is so split. About 50% of people will agree with you and the other 50% will hate you. Ain't worth it. You aren't changing their mind anyway.

Target is learning a valuable lesson. The Bullseye is a little ironic don't you think?


PFL0W said...

uh, don't look now, but you don't know about gays and fashion dude. shocking, huh?

check it out:

Mo Rage

Bill the Painter said...

I agree 100% with your bumper sticker observation. It extends to politics, colleges, heck even beer!

Many people are looking for an excuse to do business with you, liking a certain school can put you OUT of the running just as fast as at it puts you IN.

Plus, if you have one of those stupid "powercats" in your yard...I add an extra $50 to your bid! ;)