Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rush Adds Fourth Notch to Bedpost

What do Rush Limbaugh and Larry King have in common?

Is it just me or is it a little embarrassing as a conservative to have good old Rush nailing down his fourth marriage to a hot little piece of ass half his age?

I used to listen to Rush all the time. When I was right out of college I thought it was so cool to have someone who wasn't afraid to say what I believed on the radio in a way that made sense and was funny at the same time. I've actually met Rush once.

Now I consider him more of "Intro to Conservatism". I check in from time to time....maybe 3 or 4 times a year.
He met Kathryn Rogers at a celebrity golf tournament where she was working as a VIP Liaison. Really? Shocker.

When I saw he was getting remarried..............for the fourth time to a woman who wouldn't have given him a second look if he weren't worth a gazillion bucks frankly made me sad.......for him.....well and for her. There is no way she is attracted to that man if he works at Home Depot. Completely sad. It is like that rich guy who married, er uh bought Anna Nicole Smith.
Anyway....kept saving for a slow news day but I thought if I didn't write it soon....well........you know..........I could have combined it with the announcement of a 5th marriage.


Anonymous said...

Not everyone is made to be married to one person!

Anonymous said...

It is impressive to think he's nabbed yet another wife. He's older, fat, hard of hearing and I think his teeth are fake. Maybe Kathryn loves him for who he is...I could go along with it. Larry King on the otherhand, no thanks. I'm on marriage #2. Sometimes it can be trial and error. And error and error and error for others.
Jayne in WI

JOCOeveryman said...

Look, I'm not hating on people who have been divorced like once. Heck, sometimes things don't work out. A second is almost common anymore. But 4 times married? Come on. That is a character flaw.

JOCOeveryman said...

Jayne.....if he was broke you wouldn't go for the fat, hard of hearing guy who by the way couldn't afford the fake teeth....come on. Rich is just sexier than broke or should I say tolerable?

Anonymous said...

JE-Hey, if I could go to Gordman's every now & again AND if I didn't have to boink him-I'd hang around with a not-so-rich Rush type. Wealth or not. But that's just me. I have low standards. Hell, you should see me(29 bmi) and my husband!
As for Kathryn & Rush, and his big EIB microphone and wallet-well I am bettin it prolly ain't deep down true love on her part...guess time will tell.
JY in WI