Thursday, August 19, 2010


It may be where the Libertarian in me diverges from the Conservative Republican in me but I actually basically agree with President Obama on the Islamic Center and Mosque near ground zero. I'm in the minority. It is reported that 68% of the people disagree with the President.

Either you believe in religious freedom or you don't. Either you believe in the Constitution (hello Tea Party people) or you don't. It makes you look stupid to have situational ethics on it. How can someone with a straight face call for stricter interpretation of the Constitution and then say these Americans don't have a right to build religious facilities where other Americans are allowed to build their religious facilities? It might not make me popular.....but I think Muslims have a right to follow a false god and a false doctrine if they want. In short, they have the right to be wrong.

If you asked me if I think it is considerate and appropriate to build it there......well, no. I'd prefer they not.

My Christian brethren, I believe, don't really believe in religious freedom. They believe in religious freedom only as it relates to them getting what they want. They are lazy. Hands and feet people NOT mouths. Hands and feet.

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Anonymous said...

well said, I concur. Jayne