Monday, August 2, 2010

Early Voting Ends Soon! I Just Voted.

I went and early voted this morning in Olathe. There were no lines at all. A sign on the door said "Early Voting Ends at Noon Today". That is just an hour away so run over there if you need to advance vote. I was literally in and out in less than 10 minutes.

That said I want to urge you again to vote either today or tomorrow for Jerry Moran for US Senate.

I've had some fun with this particular race.

I've become exceedingly weary of the way our government spends money. I'm tired of how they borrow and spend, borrow and spend, borrow and spend some more.

I've also tired of the same old arguments that feel like the same old nature-nuture arguments pitting government entitlements versus tax rates. Really, just like the nature-nuture argument it is almost always BOTH.

Our biggest problem is that we commonly have kept taxes low and spending high. It simply doesn't work. I've written before and I continue to believe that the worst crime our generation is committing is the debt we are putting on our kids and grandkids.

We can't afford the government we have. More importantly, our kids and grandkids can't afford the government we have. Nobody talks about this enough. Nobody has the courage to cut spending.

The government spending needs to be minimized the same way everyone else is cutting their personal spending.

I'm becoming convinced it isn't as much about tax rates at all. Of course keeping them fair and low enough to encourage investment is important but we all know from personal, simple experience that it is easiest to minimize what you spend than to find more income.

That is what drove my vote today. I believe Jerry Moran is a common sense Conservative. He voted against the stimulus spending and the bailouts. I believe he doesn't have a sense of entitlement and understands Kansas core values which includes living within your means. I believe character and ethics do matter.

I believe in the value of life. I believe all life is precious. I am pro life. So is Jerry. This pro-lifer voted for Jerry Moran.


Anonymous said...

Rock on! Less spending. You are dead on.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Politicans like to talk about taxes and they rarely talk about cutting spending. Spend less.

Anonymous said...

I'm supporting Moran and Yoder.

Kansas Sity Sinic said...