Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Go Vote. The American Taliban is........

If you have time to read this dump of blog today you have time to go and vote. Kansas has some relatively unimportant primaries going on today but it is your duty as an American.

Literally. People died so you could have the opportunity.

Now, if you really have time or maybe you already voted...............

Why is it that among evangelical and the hard core right wing it is acceptable to be an asshole as long as you are conservative? I mean think about it.

Yesterday, I commented on an update from Darla Jaye about voting for Jerry Moran and I was called "milk toast". Some would say milquetoast. I guess it might be a little like one African American telling another they aren't showing their color? I'll admit it took me back a bit. I'm a pretty hard core conservative. Spineless to me is adhering to the Pharisee or Taliban-esque rigor of the ultra conservative right in our party and not having a thought of your own. They beat you down and say you aren't a real conservative. Believe it or not last night we felt looked down upon at a church gathering because we don't have 5 children and we don't home school them............complete shocker above all............my wife works outside the home!!!!!!!

If you claim to be ultra conservative you will get the support of the evangelical pro-life crowd even if you are a complete asshole. Phill Kline. Todd Tiahrt, John Toplikar........think about it. Slimy, even criminal. Do you see a pattern? It is okay.......they are pro-life. I'm tired of holding my nose while I vote. I'll not do it anymore.

Okay, that is my rant today........I'll likely take the rest of the week off. I've got lots going on.

If you read all this and you still haven't voted............go vote.


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

When I voted today and saw John Toplikar's name, I thought of you.

Anonymous said...

voter turnout in JoCo going to be 20%. That's disgusting.

WyCo 10%? Terrible.

Anonymous said...

how the hell does Toplikar get 15k votes!?!