Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mid America has plenty of room......

I was reading the paper this morning and saw something that caught my eye.

Mid America Nazarene University, in Olathe, is a small kinda hard core Christian college. The article was saying how while all the other area schools are overflowing and out of dorm space MANU has plenty. They went on to explain, spin, that to make matters worse they require all students who are unmarried to live on campus unless you live with your parents in town AND THEY STILL HAVE PLENTY OF ROOM.

I have a little experience with this college in that a few of my friends went there. It was surreal hearing how different their college experience was than mine. If that is your thing then great. What I found was that many are hypocrites. It is like Footloose but in Olathe. Expensive and no fun......what a combo.

I thought the most interesting example of the law of unintended consequences was that it seemed like people got married really young there.....I knew several that were married still as undergrads. Have the people I knew who went there were engaged. I should have opened a jewelry store and a pawn shop across the street. You can literally get expelled for getting your Friday night college freak on not to mention getting caught pounding a couple beers or maybe going to a secular concert. So......get married and you can fuck all you want. Who cares if you are like 18 or 19 years old, right? While I have no stats I can say I've known several of these said friends to be on their second or third marriage at this point some 20 years later.

I dunno. To each their own. I guess on one hand if you go there knowing the rules you should obey them and if you don't want to then join the rest of us at Kegger U.


Anonymous said...

"get married and fuck all you want" I think your marriage is different than mine!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So true about the super religous schools and everyone getting married young just for the action!