Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Fun with Wine

I've ditched a few Fridays on the wine feature but that doesn't mean I haven't been drinking......oh to the contrary my drunk friends.

Actually probably too many great ones and no time to write about it.

This one really isn't fair. In fact, it is just plain bragging to even talk about it. In the world of wine it is like saying you partied with the Wilson brothers all day and then you met Rachel McAdams and you didn't just have sex with her but she feel instantly in love with you.

I had the chance to drink this little gem of a wine called DRC La Tache. One bottle costs more than most of your mortgage payments.....well not mine......I live in SOJOCO remember.

I know I'm bragging. I'm sorry. I have it once before in my life.....never sure if you will ever get a chance to drink it again.

I'm not going into the circumstances because I wouldn't want to embarrass Ms. McAdams and they really aren't important anyway.

For a wine snob this was an epic moment.

La Tache is Burgundy which means Pinot Noir. This isn't like your California or Oregon Pinots. This is different. It has incredible spice box, leather, funk, mushroom along with the incredibly integrated red fruits like cherries, licorice with nice violets mixed in. It had firm tannins but was beautiful for it's age and showed it could go longer but why risk it? Nope, for me this was drinking just about perfect.

It was a tremendous opportunity. Don't go buy this one. I'd never spend my hard earned money this way. Never worth it but fun with some other guy's cash.

Drink something affordable but delicious the holiday weekend and come back next week cause I have some stuff I need to tell you.

Vaya Con Dios!!


Anonymous said...

you have used this wine picture before and that woman is still unattractive. Wine sounds good though!

Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Agreed. Woof.