Monday, November 15, 2010

St. Michael's steals $50K from less fortunate

They ask for the cash to buy something every PUBLIC school around them has had for several boards.

I'm not a big fan of helping rich, catholic parents in sojoco raise or win money so the opulent school they send their kids to by choice can be even more opulent and rich.
Nice little school, eh? Marble and granite everywhere but no smart boards.

At first thought it was like everything else in sojoco these days......boring and predictable. actually made me a little sad when I thought about the folks who actually lost out on the money because rich, catholic parents in sojoco made a run for the money. They should be ashamed of themselves. Really. Think about it. Kids at 143rd and Nall get smart boards for their classroom while a massive list of worth projects lost out. There are more than can be listed that are MORE worthy. Feel good about it now? Lesson to kids.......this is how earmarks work when you get older. Deemed less worth by St. Michael parents:

  • Sleeping Bags for the Homeless

  • Feeding Hungry kids

  • Books for Low income children

  • Care packages for the troops

  • Freezers for a Food Pantry

Let me break this down for you into simple terms. 100 parents could have donated LESS than they spend on their Mercedes car payment for one month and covered the smart boards they wanted for their private school.


Anonymous said...

Wait--you mean if we hadn't put smart boards in our public schools we could have fed the poor?

JOCOeveryman said...

well, that is a different point altogether but one worth much is too much? But point...and I think you get it Mr. Sarcasm is that a very weathly private school could and should pay for their own stuff. Going to a private school is a personal choice.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of it that way but you are pretty much right on that. Way to piss off the catholics.