Monday, November 29, 2010

Border Beat Down

Man, are you tired of saying, "wait til basketball"?

I. am.

I know this is a tough season with a new coach but do we really see it getting better anytime soon? We all knew it was going to be a huge beatdown. We just all hoped it wouldn't be too bad.

The only consolation I have is that outside the midwest Missouri is really no different than Utah. Trust me. Someone in New York or California couldn't even tell you Missouri's head coach or QB and it makes me laugh because Missouri thinks they have some nationally known program. Very little consolation.

I'll admit it. I'm jealous of the Missouri football program. They have a good team. A good....not great program.....above respectable. A good (and thin) coach. Sweeeeet Uniforms. Damn it. I love their helmets. That black on matte black is freaking awesome. They are so sweet. It really pisses me off.

They ran the same running play 4 straight times marching straight down the field that resulted in a touchdown. Most fans wouldn't notice but that is a total smack down. I'm sure they will have a big laugh at our expense watching that on film.

With the changes to the conference next year this gets worse not better.

Listen to sports talk radio? Crazy Chiefs fans........they can't decide if Dwayne Bowe or Matt Cassel will be league MVP after they will the Super Bowl. A couple weeks ago they wanted to run them both out of town.
Shout out to Blue Valley for winning the 5A state football title this year. Rampy who? Well, done. Louisburg finally broke through too in 4A. Olathe North got punked by Wichita Heights and couldn't defend their 6A title. They did really well considering they weren't as talented as last year. Even being there back to back is damn strong though. South KC high school football was pretty strong this year.

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